Charlotte flys a plane

This is my little friend Charlotte. We are pals because we both have curly hair . Charlotte loves planes.  She loves to go in them, loves to watch videos about planes and even knows songs about planes. For halloween Charlotte even dressed like a old school pilot! So I had to make a cute little cardboard plane for my pal Charlotte. This plane is super easy to make if you have a little one who loves planes as much as Charlotte.  I found this online tutorial to help me out.  There is also this pinterest board devoted entirely to creating planes and things that fly out of cardboard.

I had a lot of fun building that little plane. It got me to thinking about when I was a kid and I got to build a play house out of a refrigerator box. We cut a door in it and drew windows and other things with crayons. It was so fun and didn’t cost a thing! Cardboard is really great for creative play. With a little packing tape your kid can turn a cardboard box into anything he can imagine. Check out this pinterest board for other ideas for using cardboard boxes. Do you let your kids’ imagination go wild with cardboard? If you do leave a comment below on what they like to make.  If you kid has never build anything out of cardboard I highly suggest you stash away a few boxes for the next rainy day. Who knows what they can build? Believe me, they will remember all the fun they had for a long time.



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